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Types of Logos

Types of Logos

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Like other creative processes, logo design also offers limitless creative possibilities. Logo designers can employ from a world of art philosophies, techniques and styles to achieve the desired goal which is to develop a unique identity for a business which also becomes its brand ambassador. That said, it is always better for both logo designers and the company employing the designers to have a clear goals in mind when starting a logo development exercise. To achieve this, one must know about the types of logo designs that can be used independently or combined within one design.

Logo designs are of two basic types:

  • Typographic logos
  • Symbolic/ Iconic logos
Typographical logo example
Ascot Investment Advisors obtained this typographical logo for their investment management business.

Typographic Logos

Typographic logos are the most common type of logo designs, since they consist of no-nonsense and to-the-point typography. It's a simple and straightforward way of defining a company. These logos may be simple in their looks, but developing a typographic logotype can often give logo design firms the biggest headaches because they then have to express their clientís message through a smart arrangement of alphabets and typefaces. Extremely intuitive handling of typography along with countless hours of effort is needed to create a readable, memorable and personable mark. In many cases, a typographic logo design is a starting point for the addition of descriptive or symbolic elements.

Symbolic/Iconic Logos

Typographic logos consist of a symbol or icon with the company name typeset alongside which describes the business and its values. Based upon their content, symbolic logos can also be divided into two sub-categories:

  • Descriptive logos
  • Abstract logos
Descriptive logo example
A descriptive logo for Caribbean Cruises LLC illustrates exactly what the company does.

Descriptive Logos

In simplest terms, a descriptive logo says "Here's what we do." The logos draw a direct correlation between their visual message and company's products and services. Such logos can represent an actual product, demonstrate the businessí area of expertise, and/or define the organizationís cause or mission. It is needless to mention that any symbol used to define the purpose of an organization have to be developed with utmost care so they do not misrepresent their message.

Abstract logo example
The logo of Mynx Promotions uses an abstract symbol to express its message.

Abstract Logos

In simplest terms, abstract logos are a combination of type and logo which says "Here's what we stand for". These logo designs tend to express their message through loose, figurative elements of design and play off intangible or abstract themes that relate to the company or organization's overall business and/or vision.

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