Food Company Kraft Launches New Logo and Brand Identity

February 18th, 2009
Kraft Foods New Logo Design

Kraft Foods New Logo

Kraft Foods, owner of popular food brands like Oreo, Oscar Mayo and Velveeta has today launched a new corporate logo design and brand identity. Industry analysts are of the view that this move could put the food industry giant in a better position against private food labels.

The new Kraft logo design consists of an red colored, upward-moving swoosh representing a smile which explodes into an array of seven “flavor bursts,” each of which represents a different business segment of Kraft. The newly designed logo will begin appearing on the back and side panels of Kraft-branded foods worldwide in the coming weeks and months.

“In some ways, this really is all about Kraft Foods. It’s about our next step in the evolution of getting ourselves to top-tier performance. Going forward, it defines, unifies and simplifies our employees and gets everyone thinking about one common purpose,” Kraft’s chief marketing officer Mary Beth West said of their new brand identity.

The new logo design of the food company was conceived as part of an extensive design process, in which more than 7,000 Kraft employees and consumers worldwide were asked for their feedback. Consumers of Kraft in cities like Chicago, Paris and Shanghai were asked questions such as: “What do you look for in a food company?” “How do you engage with food generally?” and “What are the moments of that relationship that are important to you?”

Kraft Foods Old Logo

Kraft Foods Old Logo

The findings of these studies resulted in a corporate logo design that is “more contemporary, the colors are more vibrant and it has a life to it,” West said. The old blue, white and red Kraft Foods logo design will remain as the product logo only on Kraft-branded products such as salad dressing, West said.

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