NFL Team New England Patriots Unveil Commemorative 50th Season Logo Design

January 24th, 2009
New England Patriots 50th Season Logo

New England Patriots 50th Season Logo

2009 marks New England Patriots’ 50th season and to commemorate this occasion, the NFL team has unveiled a new logo design which will be used to brand the team’s anniversary activities, publications, press announcements and on the tickets issued throughout the year.

The red, white and blue logo contains the text “New England Patriots” and “50 seasons.” It features both the original “Pat Patriot” logo as well as the current “stylized minuteman” trademark that was introduced in 1993.  The words “50 seasons” and the “Pat Patriot” logo are centered and rest atop the Patriots’ current logo. Six stars in the design represent the six New England states.

Patriots' Original 'Pat Patriot' Logo

Patriots’ Original ‘Pat Patriot’ Logo

New England Patriots Current Minuteman Logo (1993)

New England Patriots Current Minuteman Logo (1993)

The football team which was originally named “The Boston Patriots” first became an AFL franchise on Nov. 16, 1959. It merged into the NFL in 1970 and moved from various Boston locations to Foxborough and was renamed the New England Patriots a year later.


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