Web Hosting Company Aplus.net Launches New Logo Design and Website

October 28th, 2008

New Aplus.net Web Hosting Logo

The popular web hosting company and internet solutions providers, Aplus.net have recently launched a new logo design along with a redesigned website. These changes are the latest steps in the company’s ongoing efforts to upgrade and improve its services and enable it to provide the best possible online experience of its 200,000+ customer base.

The web hosting company’s old signature logo was also developed from the ground up to communicate a newer, more modern Aplus.net. The new web hosting logo was designed to aid the company’s branding efforts and to emphasize in spite of Aplus.net being around for almost two decades, the company still has a comprehensive vision for the future and remains a major force and competitive player in today’s highly competitive online solutions and web hosting markets.

“If you’re not growing in this marketplace, you’re losing ground,” said Alex Yevelev, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We’re very proud to have had more than 16 years of success and growth in an extremely competitive industry, where most companies don’t last more than a few years. However, we also understand the need to continually update our products and services to keep up with a rapidly changing online marketplace.”

“These new changes do just that, as well as help to ensure that our thousands of online business customers have every possible advantage in an increasingly unpredictable economy,” added Mr. Yevelev.

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